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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cape Otway - Day 2, Part 2.

Ask me not why I cannot insert photos wherever I like on this thing! They are at the tops of posts only because Blogger won't let me (easily) put them anywhere else.

After the koala-snapping we continued our drive to The Otway Fly, a treetop walk above rainforest, via the non-existant Lavers Hill. The scenery was again different: European trees, grazing pastures, pine forests (some of which were logged), and always ocean in the background. The Fly walk was amazing. We headed off after having lunch in the cafe, and got to the raised walking area after a brief downhill walk through the forest. The platform gradually sloped up and reaches 25 m above the forest floor at its highest point. You can see through the metal platform that you are walking on and get amazing aerial views of ferns and plants below. Alongside are the trunks of the tall, thin gums. It's not until you climb to the top of the tower in the centre (45 m above ground) that you are literally at the top of the tallest trees. It's scary as it rocks a lot, but it's quite thrilling too. The Cantilever is a short section that's unsupported from below. Supposedly it supports the weight of 14 elephants. I went out on it alone and even then it wobbled like a diving board. It was worth it for the very different scenery and foliage though: a creek below, more ferns, and lichen covered trees. Quite beautiful... We drove home after a brief rest in the car (the walk was quite strenuous and A had not slept well the night before) and attempted to find the elusive Lavers Hill. This town, which had been touted as a "must see" was not quite the jewel of the Otways that we were expecting. The bakery that we were hoping to buy many pies and giant lamingtons from, was closed and up for sale. Disgruntled, A bought a giant pack of Twisties instead and we drove home...


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