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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cape Otway - Day 2, Part 3.

We got home and snacked as we were going to postpone dinner so that we could go see the glowworms later. A rested again and I wandered down to the lighthouse in the early evening with a cuppa in hand. Another group of people were staying in the main lightkeeper's house, but I was the only one down at the lighthouse. Again, it was wonderful to be in such a location on my own; it was so peaceful and quiet. I finished my tea, wandered around the cliff, took some snaps and went back to the house. A was up from his nap so we wandered around a bit and looked at the World War 2 Bunker/Radar Station (now a ruin). Then we prepared dinner so that we could cook it when we got back from our worm walk. On our way out we saw lots of rabbits feeding on the grass, and a couple of wallabies, also by the side of the road.

There are no photos of the worms as they did not turn out properly (extreme darkness). We drove to Mait's Rest in the GONP, rather than Melba Gully (where they are the most spectacular, apparently) as it was much closer and we were tired of driving. It took a while to get completely dark and we stumbled down the track, nearly blind, on the right. Once it was pitch black and we worked out where to look for them, we spotted a few colonies. They seemed to live in the bottom section of low ferns and looked like tiny little fairy lights. They were quite beautiful and it was quite a thrill being in the forest in the dead of night. Hopefully my photos will turn out.

It was an exciting, slow drive home through native animal territory. We saw more wallabies, some kind of mouse scuttling across the road, and a big, fat, confident koala, which was sitting right in the centre of our lane, facing us. Luckily we could stop in time and didn't harm him. He sat there for a minute or two and let us take a few pictures, again, posing nicely and looking dead into the camera lens, as most of them seem to do so. We thought we would have to lift him from the road, but eventually he lumbered off, slowly, on all four legs, into a ditch, and let us pass. Quite a lovely experience!

We got home quite cold, excited and buzzing from the worm walk and animals, and cooked and ate a very late dinner. We had an early night after packing for our departure the next morning...


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