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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cape Otway - Day 3

We got up early, had Flip's Muesli for brekky (gratuitous plug!), packed all our stuff and attempted to check out. It's such a relaxed place that this process took around an hour, but we got to look around the cafe and lighthouse again while waiting. We also had a good look in the Telegraph House (the first under-sea telegraph line from the mainland to Tasmania was laid from Cape Otway) which was full of interesting historical info and has been recently restored.

We left the Station, parked the car in the outer carpark and walked up the hill to the lookout and the old cemetery. It was only a short walk but quite steep in places and taxing and we were on the lookout for snakes because it was quite warm and the area was very grassy. The cemetery was tiny and contained about 6 graves, mostly of young children, all buried in the 1800s. It seemed like a peaceful, very secluded spot to be buried.

After this we drove west towards The Twelve Apostles. Once more we drove through Lavers Hill. The scenery was different again past this point; flatter and more typically coastal. The Twelve Apostles were accessed via an underpass. There were many many tourists there, mostly from other countries. The viewing platform was vast and took in many different angles and views. The Apostles themselves were massive and spectacular. They are quite golden in colour and contrast well with the dark blue of the sea. There were many beautiful coastal plants also, most with round clumps of flower heads. The cliffs were incredibly sheer and the same yellowy colour as the Apostles. What struck me most was the size and vastness of it all. I hadn't expected them to be so big.

After this we drove home inland, via Port Campbell, the Timboon Cheese 'factory' (more of a farm, where we purchased several yummy and affordable organic cheeses), and Colac. A had a nap there and I walked around the main street. We got back home around dinner time and had a lazy evening at my house. Marcie was very happy to see us and we were serenaded with full-blown meows and mips for hours...

All in all it was a wonderful trip. I arrived home feeling very refreshed and relaxed. I'd love to go back to the same area; there's so much to do there. We didn't get to look at any waterfalls this time as several of the better ones were closed for repair, so it would be good to go back to see them.

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