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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Have had a somewhat relaxed day without the expectations of having to work on my music. I did my usual Saturday afternoon library shift, caught the bus and train home, and have had a relaxing night in front of the telly finishing off the back of my cardigan. I encountered my first knot in a ball of wool in the second to last row! I've never come across one before, so I suppose I am lucky. The back looks great, but is measuring a bit smaller than it should - perhaps I have knitted tighter than in my swatch? I think it will still fit ok in any case - it's not tiny by any means. And there's always blocking.

I have my Dad coming to stay with me next thursday for 4-5 days. He'll be sleeping in the study, so things will be a little cramped, but we'll get by. I wonder how I'll go not having/being able to do my work for those 5 days. I sometimes wonder if I need it, or the stress of it, to get by and fill my days. I'm quite certain I spend more time worrying about it than actually doing it, so I hope that when Dad's here I don't spend all my time worrying that I can't do it! Confusing, huh?

Today was our first taste of winter - 12 degrees, grey and wet. Not my favourite kind of weather, but like most things, it has its own charm. I don't mind the freshness of it.

Am tired beyond reason, and my fingers have had a good workout from the knitting. I think I'll wash the dishes, do some tidying, and have an early night. Tomorrow I'm off to the city to get spare wool for my cardigan - I think I won't need it, but one can never be certain.


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