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Monday, October 10, 2005

Diamanda was amazing in concert, but the audience was incredibly rowdy and rude. A girl two seats down from me opened a packet of chips as the concert started and rustled the foil bag for the first half-hour until I asked her to stop doing so. It baffles me how inconsiderate people can be, and why they bother coming along if that's their attitude.

Anyway, Diamanda's professionalism shone through; her performance was incredibly focused. I admire her artistic integrity and depth and her ability to confront and express political ideas through music so well. Her voice literally sounds like a sonic embodiment of the pain and suffering that she sings and speaks of. Her vocal work is incredibly skillful and varied. The range is huge, the kinds of voices she uses are varied, and underneath it all I can hear her Classical training quite clearly. I identify so much with her process of making music - it's similar to what I'm attempting to do. However, my attempts seem much less gutsy. Perhaps I'll get there one day?

Carolyn Connors was very humorous; she also displayed a range of vocal skills. Less polished, but experimental and interesting nonetheless. The intimate space of the La Mama theatre suited the piece too. It was the first time I've been there.


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