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Saturday, June 26, 2004

It seems that two out of three of the scarves I submitted for the Melbourne Scarf Festival have sold. That is, they weren't there when I went to check out the exhibition yesterday, so I'm assuming that's what happened to them. (pre-emptive YAY!)

The festival was interesting. Most items were somewhat expensive I thought, although I think mine were a little underpriced. It's hard to price handmade items properly and yet still expect people to buy them. There was a good turnout, and probably hundreds of scarves, all hung in colour groups from the ceiling. It was a beautiful display.

Pope Joan is going along still - to say it is going well would be nice, but how does one judge that? I enjoy working on it when I do; it feels good, it feels like it's going as it should be. External constraints - i.e. Masters degree deadlines - are what's making me feel otherwise. I'm a little peeved by this. Art should be allowed to develop at the pace it needs to develop at. Determining or predicting this pace is just about impossible. I envisaged that this piece would take six months - it's taken 16 1/2 so far. It will be lovely when it's finished though - I do know this, and it brings me some comfort...


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