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Monday, May 24, 2004

Pope Joan is coming along really well - I'm getting lots of excellent and encouraging feedback from people. It's nice to feel like the completion of it is within reach; it doesn't feel like such a huge burden anymore.

I have knitted my bag, and have only one handle sewn on so far. Then I have to line it; I have some lovely 1930s style printed linen for this. I also knitted a lovely lacey scarf for a friend's birthday out of unusual yarns from the Yarn Barn in Coburg. Quite an exciting place to visit, if you can. I found some amazing cones of multi-coloured sparkly yarns there - 3 for $10, and also got some fine purple mohair in bulk - $8 for 200 grams. They have lovely balls of wool out the back too - and I grabbed a few of those as well. Quite a spree!

I'm planning on knitting some scarves for the Melbourne Scarf Festival - they're due in by the end of next week - so I'll probably only get 3 or so done. Given the reaction people are having to my stuff, I think they will probably sell. I hope so - it will be an interesting exercise to go through anyway - working out how to price things etc.

Other than that, I have the new issue of Creative Knitting - which has an amazing mohair top in it. It's knitted in a very open lacey eyelet pattern with very fine mohair. I'll use my purple mohair from the Yarn Barn to knit this. But first, I must make some more progress with my purple cardigan!!!


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