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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My Dad left this morning for the return drive to Adelaide. I am quite tired from his stay, but it was good to do a few different things. We caught the ferry to Williamstown yesterday, and saw the wharfs and container ships, also tug boats and navy ships. It was a nice sunny day but icy cold on the water. Williamstown in lovely - lots of nice old shops and cafes - but rather small. We caught the train back.

I've started one side of the front of my cardigan and am 41 rows in. It's looking good. Much further to go though still. I am about to sit down and start a scarf for Dad - variegated blue/grey/cream yarn mixed with a black wool. A simple garter stitch will look best I think.

I'm giving a presentation at a local girl's school tomorrow with my supervisor - we're 'promoting' Monash School of Music and I'm going to talk about my experience as an undergrad and postgrad there.


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