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Monday, May 17, 2004

Haven't had anything too exciting to write for a while now. But, in the last few days I've been getting back into my work, and my knitting - the cardigan, and also a new handbag. The handbag is a lustrous and vibrant pinky red - a ramie and wool blend on special from Lincraft. It will be gorgeous when finished and I'd also love to get some more of the yarn and make a cardigan or wrap top for summer with it. I made a scarf for my Dad in a few hours as well - actually, I've done alot of knitting this week! My good friend Sally got the scarf I made for her, and she loves it! It's nice to have one's work appreciated!!

Pope Joan is in the final weeks of creation, I think, but there are still lots of nit-picky annoying things to do - mostly sorting files, deciding which to use, editing the clicks and noise out of them, and then making some kind of acceptable music with them. I'm so looking forward to hearing the final work - I do hope it will be as special as I would like it to be. If not, I will keep reworking it until it is...that's just how I am!

The other day I made the Communion - still have a recording to make though, edit, and add in, before it will be fully done. It's been very quick though. I was pondering for over a year as to what I would do for the Communion, and finally, in a meeting with my supervisor, and thanks to his good thoughts, decided on using a text that refers to a medieval text that refers to the 'abominable' and 'hideous' nature of women's menstrual cycles. This, of course, will be used in stark contradiction to, and juxtaposition with, traditional Communion texts that praise the body and blood of Christ. Funny how a man's blood is seen as spiritually and physically transformative and rejuvenating, while the blood of women is seen as dirty, destructive, disease-causing, etc. See the text below, then you'll know what I mean:

“Only women are menstruating creatures; by touching their blood, fruits will not ripen, wine will sour, grass will die and trees lose their fruit. Iron rusts and air gets dark; when dogs drink it they develop rabies.”

Paucupalea (12thC), based on an ancient text by Solinus (quoted in Boureau's book on Pope Joan, p. 39)


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