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Monday, May 24, 2004

Pope Joan is coming along really well - I'm getting lots of excellent and encouraging feedback from people. It's nice to feel like the completion of it is within reach; it doesn't feel like such a huge burden anymore.

I have knitted my bag, and have only one handle sewn on so far. Then I have to line it; I have some lovely 1930s style printed linen for this. I also knitted a lovely lacey scarf for a friend's birthday out of unusual yarns from the Yarn Barn in Coburg. Quite an exciting place to visit, if you can. I found some amazing cones of multi-coloured sparkly yarns there - 3 for $10, and also got some fine purple mohair in bulk - $8 for 200 grams. They have lovely balls of wool out the back too - and I grabbed a few of those as well. Quite a spree!

I'm planning on knitting some scarves for the Melbourne Scarf Festival - they're due in by the end of next week - so I'll probably only get 3 or so done. Given the reaction people are having to my stuff, I think they will probably sell. I hope so - it will be an interesting exercise to go through anyway - working out how to price things etc.

Other than that, I have the new issue of Creative Knitting - which has an amazing mohair top in it. It's knitted in a very open lacey eyelet pattern with very fine mohair. I'll use my purple mohair from the Yarn Barn to knit this. But first, I must make some more progress with my purple cardigan!!!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Haven't had anything too exciting to write for a while now. But, in the last few days I've been getting back into my work, and my knitting - the cardigan, and also a new handbag. The handbag is a lustrous and vibrant pinky red - a ramie and wool blend on special from Lincraft. It will be gorgeous when finished and I'd also love to get some more of the yarn and make a cardigan or wrap top for summer with it. I made a scarf for my Dad in a few hours as well - actually, I've done alot of knitting this week! My good friend Sally got the scarf I made for her, and she loves it! It's nice to have one's work appreciated!!

Pope Joan is in the final weeks of creation, I think, but there are still lots of nit-picky annoying things to do - mostly sorting files, deciding which to use, editing the clicks and noise out of them, and then making some kind of acceptable music with them. I'm so looking forward to hearing the final work - I do hope it will be as special as I would like it to be. If not, I will keep reworking it until it is...that's just how I am!

The other day I made the Communion - still have a recording to make though, edit, and add in, before it will be fully done. It's been very quick though. I was pondering for over a year as to what I would do for the Communion, and finally, in a meeting with my supervisor, and thanks to his good thoughts, decided on using a text that refers to a medieval text that refers to the 'abominable' and 'hideous' nature of women's menstrual cycles. This, of course, will be used in stark contradiction to, and juxtaposition with, traditional Communion texts that praise the body and blood of Christ. Funny how a man's blood is seen as spiritually and physically transformative and rejuvenating, while the blood of women is seen as dirty, destructive, disease-causing, etc. See the text below, then you'll know what I mean:

“Only women are menstruating creatures; by touching their blood, fruits will not ripen, wine will sour, grass will die and trees lose their fruit. Iron rusts and air gets dark; when dogs drink it they develop rabies.”

Paucupalea (12thC), based on an ancient text by Solinus (quoted in Boureau's book on Pope Joan, p. 39)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My Dad left this morning for the return drive to Adelaide. I am quite tired from his stay, but it was good to do a few different things. We caught the ferry to Williamstown yesterday, and saw the wharfs and container ships, also tug boats and navy ships. It was a nice sunny day but icy cold on the water. Williamstown in lovely - lots of nice old shops and cafes - but rather small. We caught the train back.

I've started one side of the front of my cardigan and am 41 rows in. It's looking good. Much further to go though still. I am about to sit down and start a scarf for Dad - variegated blue/grey/cream yarn mixed with a black wool. A simple garter stitch will look best I think.

I'm giving a presentation at a local girl's school tomorrow with my supervisor - we're 'promoting' Monash School of Music and I'm going to talk about my experience as an undergrad and postgrad there.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Have had my Dad here for the past two days. It's been nice to have some company and to get out of my usual, panicked headspace. We went out for baked potatoes on Bridge Rd in Richmond tonight, and then for a walk by the Yarra in the city. Dad bought me a beautiful Venetian glass pendant that I've had my eye on for years - little glass flowers all joined up together in the shape of a tree on a blue background. Very lovely indeed! Now I am sleepy and look forward to a restful weekend.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Have had a somewhat relaxed day without the expectations of having to work on my music. I did my usual Saturday afternoon library shift, caught the bus and train home, and have had a relaxing night in front of the telly finishing off the back of my cardigan. I encountered my first knot in a ball of wool in the second to last row! I've never come across one before, so I suppose I am lucky. The back looks great, but is measuring a bit smaller than it should - perhaps I have knitted tighter than in my swatch? I think it will still fit ok in any case - it's not tiny by any means. And there's always blocking.

I have my Dad coming to stay with me next thursday for 4-5 days. He'll be sleeping in the study, so things will be a little cramped, but we'll get by. I wonder how I'll go not having/being able to do my work for those 5 days. I sometimes wonder if I need it, or the stress of it, to get by and fill my days. I'm quite certain I spend more time worrying about it than actually doing it, so I hope that when Dad's here I don't spend all my time worrying that I can't do it! Confusing, huh?

Today was our first taste of winter - 12 degrees, grey and wet. Not my favourite kind of weather, but like most things, it has its own charm. I don't mind the freshness of it.

Am tired beyond reason, and my fingers have had a good workout from the knitting. I think I'll wash the dishes, do some tidying, and have an early night. Tomorrow I'm off to the city to get spare wool for my cardigan - I think I won't need it, but one can never be certain.